Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

As has been pointed out to me


There seems to be another problem with Ramona Kitzenger Kitzinger’s statement. I can’t spell Kitzenger Kitzinger.

Nonetheless, I still haven’t heard a credible explanation for saying “Brookfield City.” Think how different the stories would sound if they read, “In a statement written by her attorney…” and all the questions that would raise.

Update from Victor Weers, chairman of the Waukesha Democratic Party  4/14 8:39 PM:

Given the odd wording it has to be Ramona. See the question at the end of the third paragraph – how is this possible? Classic Ramona. She gets the tense mixed up all the time.

And she reverses phrases all the time too. So her saying Brookfield City for the City of Brookfield is not surprising and really is just more proof that she wrote it.

She is salt of the earth and a dedicated Democrat. I love having her around.

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