Friday, November 24th, 2017

As long as we’re arresting people


The state Democrats want to start arresting legislators if the state budget doesn’t get done “on time.” I don’t see why anyone is in such a hurry to spend more of other people’s money that they would use the power of the state make their spending frenzy come faster. Christmas is 82 days away and they’re already looking for their presents.

I note in this week’s column how the continuing budget stand-off isn’t a crisis at all.

Jay Heck of Common Cause complains the budget process has become “one big political campaign.” Yes it is, Jay. That’s because the stakes are high and there are real differences in principle. The nice part about the way Wisconsin’s government works is that it continues while these real differences are worked out.

I have a counter-proposal for the Democrats. Instead of locking up legislators who may be a bit slothful in shaking down taxpayers, let’s instead lock up real menaces to society: anyone with “Chicken Little” hysteria over the budget impasse. That includes television reporters and anyone who quotes Mike McCabe, the governor’s minions, and the governor himself. Charge them with yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre, or yelling “tax money” in a room crowded with liberal special interests.

And if we really want to see a state budget passed on time, let’s have a law that no budget can pass after the deadline that contains any tax increases. I guarantee they’ll get it done. And if they don’t, at least the taxpayers will benefit.

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