Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

As long as we’re talking crazy Democrats


Owen Robinson’s column this week thanks Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate for all of the conservative advances in recent years.

Since Tate assumed his current position, Wisconsin has made remarkable conservative advances. The state finally permitted concealed carry. The legislature signed Act 10 to begin to control the cost of government. The state government has gone from a raging budget deficit to a surplus. Property taxes declined for the first time in years.

Wisconsin has passed Voter ID to secure our elections. School choice is being expanded.

Indeed, Wisconsin has been improving ever since Mike Tate assumed the leadership of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. I, like many others, hope that he continues his remarkable success in his role advancing conservatism in Wisconsin for a long time to come.

People ask how Graeme Zielinski could last as long as he did as the spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Really, Zielinski wasn’t all that different from Mike Tate. Someone reminded me the other day of this classic comment from Tate, now deleted from his Facebook page. It’s just that standing next to Zielinski, Tate looked like he was somewhat sane.

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