Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Asking for our vote


My wife’s letter to the editor stirred some politicians to step outside into the fresh air:

By the numbers:

Candidates running for contested local office: 4
2 candidates running for alderman
2 candidates running for County Supervisor

Candidates that have knocked on our door: 2
1 candidate for alderman: Christopher Hernandez
1 candidate for County Supervisor: Dr. Roger Patton

Retiring Aldermen that knocked on our door to tell my wife she was absolutely right in her letter to the editor: 1
Alderman Charles Betker stopped by on Saturday to compliment my wife on her letter to the editor. It was a nice gesture from someone who didn’t have to do it now that he’s just one of the neighborhood. But it’s still his neighborhood, too.

Suggestions of a write-in campaign: 3
No, I’m not running for either position. Sorry. As for the lovely Doreen from Waukesha, until her work schedule changes she’ll be on the sidelines, too.

But not for too long.

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