Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Attention span disorder


Spivak & Bice point to a New York Times story on a study of Wisconsin’s welfare reforms, and they note,

It also found that a large number of welfare applicants, particularly in Milwaukee, ended up being investigated for abusing or neglecting their children.

The New York Times reports today:

Experts said they were startled by the high proportion of welfare applicants in Milwaukee who had come to the attention of child welfare officials: in a five-year period, 40 percent of the parents were investigated for the possibility of abuse or neglect, and a child had been removed from the homes of 16 percent.

Maybe it’s a good thing for Thompson that he didn’t run for governor this time.

You would think with two people reading the newspaper, one of them would have bothered to read the last paragraph,

Since most of these parents had already been investigated, the study did not indicate that the welfare program itself, with its required work or training efforts, was causing child abuse. But at the least, Dr. Courtney said, the findings show that many parents seeking welfare are having “a profound difficulty balancing the demands of work and parenting.” (emphasis added by me)

Of course, the last paragraph doesn’t exactly fit with bashing former Governor Thompson for encouraging child neglect, does it?

Where did these guys earn their journalism secret decoder rings, anyway? Via mail order?

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