Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Wisconsin’s absurd standard for residency when it comes to running for office needs to be fixed. The whole point of any residency requirement is that someone representing a district in the legislature should actually be of that district. I know, what a concept. Instead, we have a ridiculous rule that allows someone to move into […]

New blog post: Not quite Pelosi-class: Congressman-elect Sean Duffy flew out to Washington D.C. today for freshm… # Mayonnaise complex: the tragic inability to see what is right in front of you. "Where is the mayonnaise?" "Right in front of you." # New blog post: Hot time at the chili competition: Some quick results […]

New blog post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07: #migov race was such a blowout going in my child's "Schola… # Print this entry

#migov race was such a blowout going in my child's "Scholastic News" listed Michigan as a state with no senate or governor's race. # New blog post: Thanksgiving bleg: This Thanksgiving my family is trying something new. Every year my wife and I… # New blog post: Hey MSNBC, let me get this straight…: […]

New blog post: Favre should take up sculpting as a hobby: Forget sending text messages with naughty pictures of pr… # New blog post: Wisconsin has chance to fire Feingold: Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Oct 21, 2010; … # New blog post: Juan Williams fired at NPR: National Public Radio is no […]

#onlyinwaukesha It sucks when you see your neighbor across the street and you want to talk to him but don't feel like driving. # Wiggy Responds to the Two-Wheeling Zealots… via @maciverwisc # Print this entry

rt @steveegg Waukesha County won't report until Friday. # I'm sure there will be nothing weird in Waukesha County with Kathy Nickolaus on the job. — I almost said it with a straight face. # Last chance. Any interesting predictions for today's primaries in Wisconsin? # By the way, election watchers, remember Waukesha County is […]

New blog post: Obama coming for Labor Day: President Barack Obama is coming back to Wisconsin for Labor Day. I no… # New blog post: shutupshutupshutupshutup: Typical liberal response to speech they don’t like – do anything they can… # New blog post: Wait, I know those people: Those 66,500 extra people on […]

New blog post: I’m sure this “re-tweet” will outrage Tom Barrett: This “re-Tweet” will probably outrage Democratic… # No Ko's must have felt cheated when it was Jimmy Carter instead of Bill Clinton. # Reading the Wisconsin Economic Outlook, alternative energy mandates and combined reporting are just really stupid ideas. # Reading the WI […]

New blog post: Northern lights? No, that’s just our water supply: That healthy glow may not be coming from the su… # New blog post: A quote to start your week: Michael Horne, one of the more interesting writers on the left side of … # New blog post: Are you angry yet?: […]