Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Axe envy


Another would-be Carrie Nation opines on the taxing of demon rum (and beer) with one end in mind, abolition:

…I have to admit that I would like to inflict the same gruesomely painful task upon another whole group of Americans.

I would like to see the mother of all anti-drinking campaigns launched in Wisconsin and across the country.

If the tobacco companies could finance the anti-smoking campaigns, I’m sure the beer/liquor/wine-makers could cope with a similar hardship.

And if you disagree with him you must be an alcoholic:

Well, laws and judicial decisions are made by public officials who know that as soon as 5 p.m. comes, they will be stopping at their usual watering hole for those friendly, social drinks they need so badly.

Public sentiment is shaped by adults who thought beer was cool in high school, lived for binge drinking when they were in college and now can’t make it through a night of bowling without a beer frame.

Even the lawyers who profited most from the anti-tobacco lawsuits are off the case as far as anti-drinking is concerned. Why? Because their lunch-time martinis wear off by quitting time, and they, too, need their before-dinner pick-me-ups.

Yes, the drunken proletarian mob that disgusts him unfortunately makes the law. The abolitionist desire is not borne of compassion, but is the result of his contempt for his fellow man. I’m guessing it’s a rather indiscriminate contempt, given what this ex-smoker has to say about those who share his addiction:

I’ll never get over it, but by fighting it every day, I am able to stay smoke-free.

The only thing that keeps me from feeling superior to the poor slobs who are still smoking is knowing well how gruesomely hard it is to quit and to stay quit.

If that’s “the only thing” preventing him from feeling superior, I’m guessing it doesn’t.

But it’s a false pride.

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