Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Baaa BLAM!?


Dominick Riesland, who wrote an extensive article on the problems with student government at UW-Milwaukee for The University Standard (previously referred to by me here), has a blog of his own completely dedicated to the issue, Well Armed Sheep. He responds at length to my most recent statement suggesting student governance in the UW System be abolished.

I think this marks the first time I have been made a key search word or category on anyone’s blog or search engine.

On his blog, Riesland notes the following, “Attorney Teresa Rickert of the Brookfield law firm of Schmidt Rupke Tess-Matner & Fox, S.C. on Monday, October 23 to intervene on its behalf.”

A quick Google search reveals Rickert received a B.A. from UW-Milwaukee in 2001. She was a member of the UWM mock trial team in 2000. When she was hired by Schmidt, Rupke, Tess-Mattner & Fox, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/24/06) reported she was being added to “focus on civil litigation and corporate law.”

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