Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Back from vacation


Another vacation in the Wisconsin Dells, with a brief stop in Madison, is over.  Who in my family will ever forget driving around the Capitol with me saying, “Look kids! The Capitol, hippie protestor, veterans administration, historical society, there’s another look at the Capitol, a hippie protestor, veterans, historical society, Capitol…”

It was a nice visit to the MacIver Institute offices overlooking the Capitol.  Really nice, and it even comes with a Jeff Wood Emergency Exit ®.  I would show you photographs, but apparently Bill Osmulski has a Sonny Corleone-like reaction to cameras.

My wife especially loved just how difficult it is to leave Madison thanks to the construction.

Once in the Wisconsin Dells, our adventure really began.  My daughter and I were kidnapped by the Moose People.

After that, there were some harrowing moments running through the water parks.

Finally, we escaped on rafts.

Eventually we made our escape on the Wisconsin Dells Ducks, only to be hit up by the evil tourist guide with the postcard books. We gave him everything we had just to get back to civilization. The trip back was something out of Apocalypse Now.

The horror.

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