Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Bader suspended, revelation about Lawton’s car


WTAQ has suspended radio personality Jerry Bader for two weeks, starting Monday, for a podcast he did saying an extra-marital affair forced Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton from the race for governor. Bader retracted the statement the next day when Lawton denied the story.

Lawton, apparently dissatisfied with Bader’s punishment, lashed out at the entire city of Green Bay.

And, she adds, residents need to be held accountable for how their community is perceived. Lawton says Bader’s comments brand Green Bay as a quote, “provincial backwater.”

“Because Mr. Bader has branded the Green Bay area with his inflamatory rhetoric and homophobia and racism as a provincial backwater. And the Chamber of Commerce and community leaders and the station ownership and people who advertise on that station ought to be greatly concerned about the economic impact that that has.”

Lawton avoided discussion about a possible lawsuit, and says the whole episode is even more “vivid” for her because Green Bay is her home town.

Meanwhile, WISC-TV is reporting the curious case of vandalism to Lawton’s car in a secure parking structure in Madison before her campaign for governor began.

Lawton’s private car was vandalized at her Madison home about two and a half months before she first said she’d run for the Democratic nomination for governor if Gov. Jim Doyle bowed out.

Madison police said that a window on Lawton’s Buick Regal was smashed out on June 23. The incident was reported to police by her husband Charles, or Cal. The incident took place in the security-locked parking garage below her home at an East Side condominium building.

Police officials said that at the time of the report, there was no information about any possible suspect or who could have committed the vandalism. The incident was reported about 10 a.m.

To give you an idea of just how important the Lt. Governor is in Wisconsin, when the crime reporters in Madison looked at the logs last June, didn’t it occur to them that the “Lawton” on the report might be, you know, that one?

Meanwhile, Tim Morrissey* wrote about the Jerry Bader he knew (Ht: Dad29). As I pointed out previously and as Morrissey confirms, Bader really is a product of the news industry that we’re supposed to be able to trust. As much as some are trying to make some point about “talk radio,” the real issue still is Bader’s credibility and the sources he trusted.

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