Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Barbara, we hardly knew ye


Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton announced she is no longer running for governor. From her website:


My good friends,

You know better than any my confidence in Wisconsin people, and in our resilience in a time of crisis, and in our capacity to innovate new ways to shape a better future for our state.

My deep commitment to our state is second only to my commitment to my family.  For very personal reasons, I will not pursue the Democratic nomination for governor in 2010.

I look forward to providing active leadership to shape smart decisions for Wisconsin in the fourteen months that remain in my term in office.  I will stand with you, as always.

With gratitude for your support, {signed}

For a priceless reaction, former Democratic consultant Bill Christofferson asked on his blog, “Is this a hoax?” Um, no Bill. She’s really not running.

But can I say how much I dislike the excuse she gives? “For very personal reasons…” What, pray tell, could the very personal reasons be that would cause her to drop out today that didn’t exist last week?

For those that suggest, “poll numbers,” I can’t imagine they have really changed all that much at this stage of the campaign. If they didn’t discourage her last week or even last month, why would they discourage her now?

To be fair, left-wing blogger Dan Cody suggests that this must mean Barrett is going to run. Christofferson had this to say in a comment, “I doubt that is what it means. I believe there must be some other real, serious issue, perhaps with her family. Barbara is not one to step aside for the good of the party. I would pity the person who suggested that to her.”

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