Monday, November 20th, 2017

Because the whole controversy is really silly


I’d like to dedicate a song to Bruce Murphy and Mark Belling.

I don’t believe WISN’s Mark Belling is an anti-Semite any more than Milwaukee Magazine’s Bruce Murphy, but I thought it was hilarious that such a big deal of Belling’s offhand remark was made over at Milwaukee Magazine after Murphy’s article.

I’m just happy neither of them said, “neoconservative,” because then I would have to sue. You see, I’ve been to those conspiracy meetings. While I apparently did not get invited to the meetings concerning parking structures and hotel facades, I was there when we plotted to rule the world. It was a great meeting. We had falafel.

Those of you who want more of the Belling story, I suggest you check out Rick Esenberg’s blog.

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