Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Belling interviews Scott Allen, condo loan deal sounds worse


Good lord. Everytime we hear more details, the proposed loan by the city of Waukesha to the condo board at Sunset Homes sounds worse. Attempting to defend the deal State Rep Scott Allen let Mark Belling’s listeners know that the loan will be “guaranteed” by the condominium owner fees collected by the condo association and not any tangible assets. If the condo association doesn’t collect the money after raising the association fees to the level of monthly mortgage payments, there is no guarantee to the loan. How will the city force collection? If this about saving people’s homes, will the city be able to order the condo association to evict granny when she doesn’t pay the bill?

It’s a contentious and informative interview by Belling, but we still don’t know exactly how Allen got himself involved in this local issue. We did learn that he was at the meeting when the condo owners voted to raise their fees to pay back the proposed loan from the city. We also learn that Allen is a bit sensitive when asked if any realtors at Shorewest asked him to get involved.

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