Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Belling on Waukesha’s mayoral race and the Congdon-Gundrum race


On Mark Belling’s radio program on WISN-AM yesterday afternoon, Belling discussed the local elections in the beginning of the 2nd hour (4:00 PM) of the show.   Aside from labeling the Waukesha School Board one of the three worst in the area and talking about the new activism on the right, Belling talked about Governor Doyle’s appointment of former Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rick Congdon as a judge.  Belling predicts State Representative Mark Gundrum (R-New Berlin) will beat Congdon.

Belling also took a few moments to talk about the Waukesha mayoral race starting at the 12:00 mark.  Belling says Nelson’s biggest weakness is that Nelson is a “slob.”  He also expressed surprise that the most conservative candidate, according to what he has heard, is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel former reporter Darryl Enriquez.

I expect (unless other events intervene) my analysis of the race will be in next week’s Waukesha Freeman.

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