Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Belling reports Walker will seek tax cuts, reduced state aid


In his weekly column for the Waukesha Freeman, Milwaukee radio talk show host Mark Belling said Governor Scott Walker will pursue cuts in the state income tax while reducing state aid to local governments.

Governor Walker’s collective bargaining reforms have given local governments incredible flexibility to dramatically reduce spending. They’ll likely need these powers again next year when Walker proposes a state income tax cut and couples it with further reductions in aid to local governments (let’s see how long it takes the mainstream media to pick up on that scoop).

As I’ve pointed out at the MacIver Institute and elsewhere, Wisconsin’s income tax is still higher than Illinois’ despite the huge tax increases south of our border.

With expected Republican majorities in both houses of the legislature after this fall’s election,Walker should be able to succeed in passing a state budget with these changes.

If we are going to attract the capital needed to make Wisconsin’s economy stronger and grow, Wisconsin still needs to be more competitive. Last year’s budget restored budget stability. Now it’s time to move forward with making Wisconsin more friendly to capitalism.

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