Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Berceau bill a free speech buster


Earlier this month, State Rep Therese Berceau stood with a bunch of liberal special interests and complained about the influence of special interests on our elections. (Being a liberal means being deprived of any sense of irony.) As I explain over at the MacIver Institute, Berceau’s proposed bill to fix the problem is a ridiculous, self-indulgent exercise with no regard for the First Amendment:

Earlier this month, Rep. Therese Berceau (D-Madison) announced her own campaign finance reform bill while flanked by the liberal special interests of Wisconsin Common Cause, the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Wisconsin Voices and the Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group. Berceau said in her press release, “People are sick and tired of being bombarded by misleading and negative TV ads, robo calls, and mailings before elections. We can’t legally restrict those ads, but we can make sure voters know who is paying for them and trying to influence our elections.”

It’s good to know that in Berceau’s world because people don’t like advertising during “Dancing with the Stars” that she would do anything she can to impose burdens on the free speech rights of the advertisers. I can’t stand seeing political commentator Rachel Maddow in advertisements that appear even when I’m watching Fox News. I’m looking forward to Berceau’s next bill that prevents such cable cross-channel pollination so annoying to political cable news consumers, or at least requires Maddow to register every political utterance with a state agency.

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