Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Best political prank of the day


Tucker Carlson purchased the rights to  Carlson’s Daily Caller reports:

In a tweet posted at 10:46 AM, the aging cable anchor wrote, “Regarding @TheDailyCaller and I hope whoever sold it to them got CASH.”

Several minutes later, an apparently still-reeling Olbermann clarified his meaning: “Also regarding @TheDailyCaller and – the law’s pretty clear on this, so, nice waste of money, Tuckie. #p2 #tcot.”

The implication is that MSNBC, or Keith Olbermann personally, will pursue legal action to stop the dissemination of news and information on The Daily Caller.

Not so fast, responded Tucker Carlson, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller. “Some might step back and allow Mr. Olbermann to drain his bladder on the first amendment – indeed, on the Bill of Rights itself,” said Carlson. “Not us. No, by God, not us.”

Continue to check this space for updates on this developing story. And in the meantime, Tucker Carlson may be reached at his personal email address,

Read more: Carlson understands that Olbermann does not (among so many things) is that if Olbermann weren’t such a humorless jerk the stunt wouldn’t be funny. However, Olbermann’s reaction was so predictable I suspect Carlson had a response pre-written in anticipation.

Anyone looking to do a parody of this site will find plenty of variations of my domain still available.

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