Monday, November 20th, 2017

Bias? What media bias?


The Joint Finance Committee Executive Session on the voter id bill was disrupted when protestors similar to those that seized the Capitolin February took over the meeting room.

What the Republican Party sent out in a press release:

Left-wing activists stormed a Joint Finance Committee executive session this afternoon, staging a mock session they called the “People’s Finance Committee.” The protesters refused repeated requests from Democrat Senator Bob Jauch to leave peacefully, and were escorted out of the Capitol building by police.

Bob Hague of the Wisconsin Radio Network:

“There was a brief disruption which required three people to be taken out of the committee hearing room on the fourth floor of the Capitol.”

Pretty sad when you can get more useful news from a partisan press release than you can from a supposed “news” article. Don’t hold your breath waiting for an article on if the Capitol’s security is adequate, or if the left’s protest behavior is going to encourage more of these disruptions.

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