Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Bicycle and a chaser


From Waukesha Patch:

Intoxicated Bicyclist Runs into Parked Squad Car While Riding in Downtown Waukesha
A Waukesha man reportedly hit a parked squad car Saturday while riding a bicycle drunk—right in front of the officer.

I dunno. I think the bicyclist has a good defense of entrapment, don’t you? Who put the squad car there?

I mean there were two, possibly three squad cars in front of him and so he aimed for the middle one.

The police should have been suspicious when the bicyclist stopped for a stop sign a block earlier. Definitely suspicious behavior.

It was bound to happen. His water bottle had an Absolut label on it.

How do you explain that to your cell mate?
“What are you in for?”
“Manslaughter. And you?”
“Drunk-driving a Schwinn.”

The cops were real encouraging. They rang the bicycle bell every time he got a letter right when reciting the alphabet backwards.

Unfortunately, the cops confiscated as evidence the beer labels he stuck in the spokes to make that clicking sound.

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