Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Bill Kramer’s in


As predicted here, Waukesha County Supervisor Bill Kramer is running.

I am a life-long resident of Waukesha and a graduate of Waukesha South High School, and have seen the city grow over the last 30 years. I am a CPA with a law degree from Duke University. I run my own business as a Certified Financial Planner and was just elected to my third term as a Waukesha County Supervisor. My background, education and experience make me the best person to represent you in Madison.

Prior to the conclusion of the Nischke-Nelson race, Kramer had told anyone who was willing to listen he was planning to run for Nischke’s seat if she beat Nelson. Looks like he’ll get to use the campaign literature after all.

As a county supervisor, Kramer was also supportive of the effort to shrink the size of the county board.

Fletch over at Two Heroes reminds us to turn to page 39 of the election board hymnal, The Big List of Candidates, and there we see Dean Culver, who ran as a Republican four years ago in the primary against Nischke, is also planning on running this year. Of course, he filed his papers with the state election board prior to Nischke losing the mayoral race, so he may have a change of heart since then.

Fletch is optimistic the Democrat in the race, Steve Schmuki, president of the Waukesha County Environmental Action League, can pull a Larry Nelson-style upset.

Steve has three top issues where he believes state government could do better:
The environment, education, and ethics. As he has never held elective office, he will have to fight hard in this safe Republican district. Since many Republicans vote straight-ticket here in the fall elections, he will have to canvass, canvass, and canvass some more and convince them to go out of their way to vote Democratic for state assembly. It will not be easy but, clearly, the ground is ripe for a surprise in Waukesha come November. Sound familiar?

Of course, we have to tease Fletch because at first he thought Nischke would run unopposed. Perhaps he got that idea looking at the Waukesha County Democrats’ website:

These elected offices are important to the quality of Wisconsin life. We still need candidates for:
Senate Seat 13 (Oconomowoc against Scott Fizgerald)
Senate Seat 33 (Against Theodore Kanavas)
Assembly Seat 14 ( Elm Grove against Leah Vukmir)
Assembly Seat 24 (Menomonee Falls against Suzanne Jeskewitz)
Assembly Seat 31 (Summit/Ottowa/Eagle against Steve Nass)
Assembly Seat 83 (Big Bend/Muskego against Scott Gunderson)
Assembly Seat 97 (Against Ann Nischke)
Assembly Seat 99 (Against Don Pridemore)
Waukesha County District Attorney

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