Friday, November 24th, 2017

Blogger endorsement in the 97th Assembly District


The Spring City Chronicle has an endorsement today of Chris Lufter for State Assembly. I echo many of the thoughts expressed in the endorsement:

I have decided that I will vote for Chris Lufter for the 97th Assembly seat being vacated by Ann Nischke in the Republican primary. Her opponent is County Supervisor Bill Kramer.

I have decided to vote for Lufter because she is not the anointed choice of the Waukesha County Republican establishment. Her views on the issues of the day are closer to my own, closer to the conservative base and farther from the RINOs that Wisconsin Republicans have become. I believe she will be a stronger supporter of conservative issues than her opponent, Mr. Kramer. She is new blood, a citizen soldier who will be a sharp contrast and clearer choice from her radical left-wing eco-nut Democratic opponent.

Mr. Kramer is also a citizen soldier, a “good soldier” and was rewarded with the Republican imprimatur for being so. But in reviewing his record, I don’t see a leader. I see a good businessman, which means to me that he is not wont to take chances. I see someone who will do what he is told by leadership. In that regard, he reminds me of Jerry Kleczka, my former undistinguished Congressman.

You’ll want to read the whole article.

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