Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Blogging baby steps


Waukesha’s Mayor Larry Nelson (D, in case anyone forgot) promised to start a blog if elected mayor, a promise at which we have occasionally poked fun but a promise we have certainly encouraged the mayor to follow through. After all, it would be an interesting experiment in seeing how a local elected official interacts with his constituents in that format and whether it will really increase communication. Besides, it really can’t hurt, especially in a relatively blog savvy city like Waukesha.

Nelson’s been a little slow in getting started. This year he made a New Year’s resolution to spend at least 15 minutes/day blogging. I told some of Wisconsin’s political bloggers this news recently prompting a slightly derisive chuckle followed by, “That much, eh?”

Well, he does have a city to let someone else run.

Today was another baby step in his blogging – he posted his picture. Now I’ve encouraged a few people in their blogging and have offered advice from time to time, so I thought maybe the Mayor just needs a little more encouragement and a few “starters” to work with. So let me just offer a few topics and some good starts for the Mayor, and he can take it from there…

  1. “That crazy Wigderson. Where does he get that “Lori (Lex) Luthor” stuff? Now we’re going to have to introduce her as Lori Curtis Luthor at official functions and in press interviews. Does he want to drive another city administrator crazy?
  2. Nice to see the governor following my lead in supporting Barack Obama for president. Of course, this means another trip, this time to the Democratic National Convention. I know it won’t make the Sound Off callers happy, and James Wigderson will probably make fun of me…
  3. Just finished my lunch from the Steak N’ Shake. What I can’t understand is why they have a “Philadelphia” sandwich but they don’t put cheese on it unless you order it that way. Saw James Wigderson pulling out of the McDonald’s with a car full of Happy Meals. What kind of nutritional example…
  4. Somebody keeps putting my name on these catalog mailing lists for men’s ties. If I didn’t know better I’d swear it was James Wigderson. Oh good, my “Crocs” catalog came in.
  5. I’m outraged, outraged that Al Kropp landed his helicopter again on Arcadian Avenue yesterday.
  6. If we just raise taxes a little bit more, we can complete the Taj MaLarry, I mean the new addition to the library. Of course it would be easier if we could just take some money from the surrounding communities that benefit from being near the Taj MaLarry – I mean library – but they’re just being selfish. And that James Wigderson, does he want to pay more for the Taj MaLarry – I mean library?
  7. I’ve changed my mind. I think residents should be allowed to use their fire pits as late as they want. This is just one more way the city intereferes with the quality of life of its residents. I think I’ll talk to a few aldermen and see what they think.
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