Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Bob Dole likes candidates that talk about themselves in the 3rd person


I learned today that Jerry Haerle is a superstar. Haerle explains why in this letter to the editor.

Superstar Jerry Haerle is running for trustee in the village of Summit. Why is he the Superstar? Because he does what he’s supposed to. “Life isn’t that hard,” the Superstar says. “Do your research, make a decision, and then follow up with any additional work that needs to be done,” he says plainly.

The Superstar feels that communication is key to the village of Summit. He states that, “People like to be informed of why changes are happening and what the outcomes will be. If people are uninformed about public issues, they immediately think something underhanded is going on.”

Jerry Haerle is for maintaining the rural atmosphere in the village of Summit. He wants to keep the tax rate the same, maintain our village borders, encourage citizens to attend Village Hall meetings, and to stand against the winds of change in our community. The Superstar is all for business; he owns three businesses himself. But as a citizen of Summit, this is where he wants to live, this is where he wants to stay among the trees and birds and enjoy his time off, he’ll drive the five miles to work and shop somewhere else. “Let’s let our neighbors zone the businesses!” the Superstar exclaims.

Jerry Haerle attends Our Savior’s church in Oconomowoc, he’s a member of the Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce, he runs three businesses, including commercial cleaning, residential roofing and lawn care, and he’s going to play Dr. Smith and his twin brother, Sam, in a hysterical comedy at the Theatre on Main in Oconomowoc. Show dates are Sept. 10, Sept. 11, Sept. 17, and Sept. 18. “Come watch the Superstar in action,” Jerry Haerle says.

Jerry Haerle would like to wish you all the best and hopes your dreams come true. The Superstar says he lives by the creed, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” “Do not let this opportunity pass to cast your vote for the man who stands for truth, justice, and the American way.”

Jerry Haerle

I wonder if Jerry “Superstar” Haerle knows The Jimmy.

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