Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Bunny got a headache


Despite two “Beware of Dog” signs, another rabbit attempted today to take a short-cut across the backyard. Bogart, my Border Collie – Akita mix, spotted the trespasser and the chase began. The chase took a dramatic turn when the rabbit, having entered the yard under one part of the fence, tried to escape under the fence at the other end. Unfortunately for the rabbit there was no clearance at that point and he ran right into the fence. Momentarily stunned, he did a loop around the pursuing Bogart almost into the charging Ingrid, my Siberian Husky. The Rabbit turned 90 degrees and made it just back under the fence where he came in just out of reach of Bogart.

I try. I have the signs up. I post it on my blog. But still the rabbits try to make a run for it rather than go around the yard and I end up cleaning the mess. This rabbit was lucky I was out in the yard distracting the dogs while he tried to escape. The next one will not be as lucky.

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