Saturday, November 18th, 2017

But how do they taste deep-fried?


Nabisco is coming out with the Triple Double Oreo cookie. The cookie is like a trans-fat club sandwich. It will have three cookies, with a chocolate filling on one level and vanilla level on the other level.

Normally I get extra bacon on my club sandwich

 So from now on when an African American is called an “Oreo” for having conservative political views, it’ll mean he’s a layered, complex individual.

I’ve complained before about the lack of stuff in the Double Stuff Oreo.  With this cookie, we will finally be getting a true Double Stuff Oreo, but with an extra cookie in the middle.  It’s like the extra piece of bun in the middle of a Big Mac sandwich.  Why is it there? Does anyone really want it?

With the layers of cookies in an Oreo cookie escalating like the number of blades in my Gillette razor, it cannot be long until we have the Neapolitan Oreo Cookie with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.

I’m going to need a bigger mug for milk.

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