Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Butler’s alleged illegal and undisclosed corporate contributions


I wonder if the usual suspects will crawl out of the woodwork to condemn Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler’s alleged donated office space and other benefits, all of which are illegal?

In short, the complaint alleges that for several years Justice Butler’s campaign was run out of the offices of the Milwaukee law firm of Friebert, Finerty and St. John. That employees of the firm conducted various campaign activities on behalf of Butler and that the Butler campaign did not compensate the firm, nor record these services as in-kind contributions (which would have been illegally obtained anyway seeing as how you can not receive in-kind contributions from entities that can not give monetary contributions, like corporations).

I’m sure the WJCIC, Common Cause, The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and every other watchdog group will join together to say that this surely disqualifies Justice Butler from serving on the bench.


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