Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Can a candidate get some respect?


Apparently, Democrats aren’t fond of their only candidate so far in the 97th Assembly Race. In today’s Waukesha Freeman, Waukesha Democratic Party Chairman Rick Congdon claims to have a candidate that dare not speak his name,

Rick Congdon, who chairs the Democratic Party of Waukesha County, said the party selected a strong candidate to run against Nischke, although he refused to name the candidate.

“We targeted that seat,” Congdon said. “We felt if she ran she would have been vulnerable.”

Congdon said Nischke picked an interesting time to announce her resignation. He said prospective candidates have little time left to collect the signatures necessary to get their names on the ballot.

“Whoever wants to run is going to have to move very quickly,” Congdon said. “And that gives us the advantage because we have already prepared somebody.”

Who, Rick, who? Because as the article points out, there is already a Democrat running, Steven Schmuki. Why couldn’t you say his name? Is it because he’s not credible?

Or maybe somebody else is thinking of running? And does his last name begin with a “c”?

Other candidates: Well, don’t count out Waukesha County Supervisor Andy Kallin just yet. Andy won’t say if he is or isn’t running. Get well, Andy.

Waukesha County Supervisor and City of Waukesha Alderman Kathleen Cummings ran four years ago, but she lives outside the district. It’s a conspiracy! Too bad, I was looking forward to more Bill Yorth caricatures of her in the Waukesha Freeman.

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