Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Can Baldwin win?


Congressman Tammy Baldwin is considering running for US Senate. Former Democratic consultant Bill Christofferson is skeptical of her chances:

It won’t take any sleazy issue ads to tell people she’s a lesbian. It will be mentioned in the media virtually every time someone writes about her candidacy.

The question is, does that matter? Is Wisconsin, which passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage not so long ago, ready to elect a lesbian to the US Senate? Attitudes are changing, but are we there yet?

The state has yet to elect any woman to the Senate. Baldwin was the first Wisconsin woman elected to the House, 150 years after Wisconsin became a state. (Gwen Moore is the second.) For all of its proud progressive heritage, Wisconsin has not been kind to women in politics at the statewide level.

If people are doubting her, it’s without reason.

Let’s be clear that I would be delighted if she does run and win. But the odds will be stacked against her.

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