Monday, November 20th, 2017

Can you feel stupid now?


oooh looky. ProHealth wants to build another hospital in Waukesha. But… But… I thought there wasn’t the demand for more hospital space?

ProHealth Care is partnering with a St. Louis company to build a $13 million, 40-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital in either Waukesha or City of Pewaukee, a Waukesha Memorial Hospital executive said.

Details of the project emerged Tuesday, as officials with ProHealth Care and Centerre Healthcare argued the development will lead to cost savings and higher quality care for a growing number of victims of stroke and other serious injuries.

The deal – ProHealth’s third major construction project announcement in the last seven months – also could lead to expanded services at Waukesha Memorial. WMH’s current 15-bed inpatient rehabilitation facility will close once the new facility opens, likely by summer of 2008 – freeing approximately 16,000 square feet of space for other unspecified uses, said Ed Olson, CEO of Waukesha Memorial.

What about Pro Health’s opposition to Aurora’s hospital building plans?

“We haven’t changed our mind on that,” Olson said Tuesday. “There isn’t a need for additional acute-care beds in the community.”

The last time Pro Health annnounced an expansion, we asked if the County Supervisors who voted against Aurora’s plans felt stupid. Are they feeling stupid now?

(For the record, current Waukesha County Supervisors who believed Pro Health when they said there wasn’t any demand for more hospital space: Supervisors Herro, Jeskewitz, Haukohl, Harenda, Mitchell, Tortomasi, Cummings, Stroud, Thelen, Hutton, Broesch, Wolff, Kramer, Jaske, Nilson and Singert. Bill Kramer is also a state representative and received $500 in donations from Robert Mylarnek, Pro Health’s VP for Finance, $250 from John Robertstad, CEO of Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital, during his campaign for Assembly.)

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