Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Cardinal Dolan’s visit to Holy Hill today


Cardinal Timothy Dolan made a return visit today to Wisconsin to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving for his elevation to Cardinal. Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki started the mass with an introduction, making it a point to mention Dolan’s fight with President Barack Obama about mandatory abortion coverage by insurance providers under the Obamacare law.
Dolan in his homily spoke about being honored by the presence of so many public officials, including Governor Scott Walker and Congressman Paul Ryan, both of whom received sustained applause from the audience. Dolan joked that he had been recalled to Milwaukee by Listecki. He also mentioned Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, former Governor Tommy Thompson, former Thompson aide Jim Klauser, and Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.
Dolan’s homily was filled with gratitude towards Southeastern Wisconsin and comical asides, including a mention of his brother Bob Dolan’s book, Life Lessons, from my Life with my Brother Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, appearing in the science fiction section of Barnes and Noble.

Interesting side question about attendance. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel put attendance at “More than 1,000 Catholics come to see Dolan at Holy Hill” in the headline. I asked their reporter, Annysa Johnson, about this and she said that she was told the upper church had a capacity of 700. Someone else tweeted to me they thought the upper church held 1,200. (Mass was in the upper church, and the lower church had video monitors.) Fox 6 reported “thousands.” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, after my inquiry, upped the amount in the headline to, “Nearly 2,000 come to see Dolan at Holy Hill.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article also does not mention the applause for Governor Scott Walker and Congressman Paul Ryan, even though Johnson’s tweet from the mass indicated the applause for them was louder than the applause when Dolan was introduced.

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