Monday, November 20th, 2017

Carnival of the Badger – Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s another Thanksgiving, and this year the Carnival of the Badger makes a stop at the Wigderson Library & Pub. For those of you watching the Thanksgiving Day parade, why yes, I am one of the giant floats.

Of course, what’s Thanksgiving without a little turkey? Or some deviled eggs? Steve Eggleston comments on the new leaders in the House of Representatives and finds them all to be a bunch of turkeys.

Grump at the Happy Circumstance looks back fondly at least year’s “Very Serious Euchre Game” and the helpful sprite named Maddy.

In the Cheap Seats (unlike the kiddy table) Billiam doesn’t even wait for the cranberries to announce how we’re all ungrateful. Meanwhile, Kate at an Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings finds some people that are grateful, including herself, for Canada’s armed forces.

Peter from Texas Hold ‘Em finds a school system that only the students would be grateful for, and they will probably resent later. An all pumpkin pie and no green beans school. Oh joy.

Dean from Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative looks back at the Chai Soua Vang case from last year’s hunting season and thinks he should be given a new trial. I suspect Vang is going to be eating prison mashed potatos for a long time to come.

Dad29, annoyed by Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke’s recent statements on gun violence, looks at the root causes of “guns as a health hazard” thinking. I think the pilgrims would agree with him.

And at the end of the Thanksgiving Parade comes Santa Claus to official kick off the Christmas Season. Excuse me, the Holiday Season. As Fred at Real Debate discovers, there may be no atheists in foxfholes, but wherever there’s a nativity scene there’s a group of whiny atheists.

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