Friday, November 24th, 2017

Carter Country


Mike Mathias finds amusement in my criticisms of former President Jimmy Carter, and suggests his shortcomings were the result of President Ford. No, really.

Of course Carter, inherited the America left to him by Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford (remember Whip Inflation Now?), and he did the best that he could.

Meanwhile Professor John McAdams found this over at Scrappleface:

May 20, 2007
Bush Hails Carter as Best Former President
by Scott Ott

(2007-05-20) — Just a day after former President Jimmy Carter told reporters that the Bush administration is “the worst in history” the current White House resident called Mr. Carter “the best former president ever.”

“I know that President Carter and I have had our differences,” said Mr. Bush, “But I think most Americans will agree with me that he’s a terrific ex-president. Things have never been better since Jimmy Carter left office.”

Mr. Bush pointed to an array of improvements, including a stable growing economy, lower taxes, reduced inflation and unemployment and increased American strength and preparedness — all of which he associated with Mr. Carter’s years as a former president.

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