Monday, November 20th, 2017

Cartoonish self-defense


The Isthmus ran a cartoon on the same day as my Waukesha Freeman column (“A fun read from one of WI’s great bloggers“).

I’d just point out to the cartoonists that there is no way anyone in Waukesha would believe that a wind turbine in a stocking would be a punishment for a kid in Madison. A wind turbine is a punishment for a kid in Waukesha, unless he could hook it up to a cool war toy like a model fighter plane with working machine guns. “Santa’s reindeer are going down next year and the toys will be all mine. Mine!”

Other than that, I can’t imagine the cartoonists would actually have that much of a problem finding that scene somewhere in Madison. Only it’s “womyn,” not “women,” and “fair-trade organic arugula and kombucha.” And where’s the fist or the peace symbol instead of the star on the tree?

By the way, the cartoonists must’ve missed the call for a “Christmas truce” in the Tell All column.

Vegetable rights and peace!

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