Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Madison School Board member and Trek Bicycle executive Mary Burke announced she is officially a candidate for governor. Here is a column I wrote about her in September for the MacIver Institute. Mary Burke Given Pass by Media on Tax Policy Flip-Flop September 6, 2013 by James Wigderson Special Guest Perspective for the MacIver Institute […]

Want better judges? Elect better people  State bar ‘fix’ for Supreme Court will make things worse Waukesha Freeman October 3rd, 2013 Page A6 Opinion The Wisconsin State Journal reported Tuesday that the governing board of the State Bar of Wisconsin is proposing state Supreme Court justices be term limited to one 16-year term. Currently under […]

Alba’s scarlet letter City adds adultery charge against chief Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion 9/19/13  The problem is sex, as in too many of us are obsessed with it. When we’re not obsessed with our own sex lives, we have the sex lives of public figures to fill the time. The city of Waukesha Fire […]

Milwaukee County Supervisor David Bowen’s proposal to create “a living wage” requirement for contractors and subcontractors that do business with the county is bad for workers, bad for employers, and bad for taxpayers. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why. Here is an excerpt: Bowen’s proposal for county contractors and subcontractors promises to “end […]

So Michelle Obama was in Watertown today urging people to drink more water because that extra cup of water is supposedly good for you. Except.. you know, science says that’s just quackery. But that’s never stopped the Obamas before, especially when there’s a good marketing opportunity. As I explain over at RightWisconsin, to hell with […]

YMCA owes city apology  It tore down history and put up a parking lot Waukesha Freeman September 12, 2013 Page A6 Opinion The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I drive past the corner all the time. Doreen often looks over at the vacant lot and sarcastically says, “Good thing they tore down that beautiful old […]

In case you have not been following the exchange on Twitter between Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate and myself, the good folks at RightWisconsin asked me to write about it. The exchange, less-than-civil on Tate’s part, was about former party communications director Graeme Zielinski and if he was intoxicated while speaking, or “tweeting,” […]

Over at the MacIver Institute, I examined Madison school board member Mary Burke’s lone dissenting vote on the school district budget. I found her explanation of her vote especially lacking since it was a reversal of her position from the previous year: Burke gave few explanations for voting no on the tax levy and the […]

The learning never stops Recent events hold many lessons Waukesha Freeman September 5, 2013 Opinion Page A6 Welcome to the end of summer. My daughter started school last week and my son this week. But as I always tell my kids, learning never stops, even for the summer, even for adults. Although recent events show […]

At the RightWisconsin site (subscription required) this week, I explain my opposition to making English Wisconsin’s official language. Here’s an excerpt: What does Jacque hope to accomplish with this bill other than annoying minorities? The bill will not affect the lives of anyone who does speak English. If the bill passes both legislative chambers and […]