Saturday, June 25th, 2016

Waukesha Freeman Page A06 Opinion The state is strong But Wisconsin needs a leader Gov. Scott Walker gave his State of the State address Tuesday night. The advantage of not living under Fidel Castro, or in a state governed by a Democrat, is that the speech was only 40 minutes long. Here’s to freedom and […]

In light of National Review’s symposium on the question of what to do about Donald Trump, I thought posting this column by me from December is somewhat timely. – JW Waukesha Freeman Page A06 12/17/2005 Answering the Ribble question GOP must decide what to do about Trump Wisconsin Congressman Reid Ribble has posed an interesting […]

Waukesha Freeman January 14, 2016 Page A6 Opinion Barca’s search for civility Gannon’s finger wave hardly only incident I must have missed something. When state Rep. Bob Gannon, a Republican, made an obscene gesture to Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca, the fake outrage was just silly. Reporters took to Twitter and Facebook to report the […]

Waukesha Freeman 1/7/2016 Page A6 Opinion Freedom from Religion group appeals to bigotry Co-president plays on fear of Muslim violence in letter In a letter to the Waukesha Freeman, the copresident of the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has declared state Rep. Scott Allen’s Christmas message to be a humbug. Annie Laurie Gaylor thinks Allen […]

Over at the MacIver Institute I took a look back at the accomplishments of the Wisconsin legislature in 2015. While much was done, much remains to be done. There were accomplishments. Wisconsin passed Right to Work legislation. The state Food Share program was reformed; safeguards were added to reduce fraud and 4,500 recipients found work […]

Over at RightWisconsin, they asked for sixteen predictions for 2016. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I joined other RightWisconsin contributors in trying to see the future. Among the predictions: Justice Rebecca Bradley will defeat JoAnne Kloppenburg. Liberals will blame redistricting. I wonder how many liberals will get the joke. By the way, I checked […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion Room in public square for message of love Allen’s Christmas message riles atheists Get the smelling salts and the fainting couch. The atheists in Madison are having a case of the vapors. They don’t know whether to be angry or extremely angry, but they know they do not like state […]

President Barack Obama fiddles in Paris while his EPA attempts to burn Wisconsin’s economy. Over at the MacIver Institute, I comment on the testimony from WE Energies at a Senate hearing chaired by Senator Ron Johnson on the Clean Power Plan. We may not be sure of all of the numbers yet but we know […]

Waukesha Freeman 11/25/15 Page A10 Opinion Turkey with a side of politics Melting pot debate simmers through Thanksgiving holiday One of the unfortunate traditions of Thanksgiving in recent years is the attempt to politicize the classic American holiday. I am not one of those who lament that the stores are open and the Internet is […]

Earlier this month, State Rep Therese Berceau stood with a bunch of liberal special interests and complained about the influence of special interests on our elections. (Being a liberal means being deprived of any sense of irony.) As I explain over at the MacIver Institute, Berceau’s proposed bill to fix the problem is a ridiculous, […]