Friday, November 24th, 2017

Cheap Date on Wednesday night!


It was another cheap date night in the Wigderson Household. James and I attended the 97th assembly candidate forum at Ascension Lutheran Church in Waukesha. Free Apple juice, cheese and crackers!!

When I entered the Ascension Lutheran, I was fortunate to meet Steve Schmuki. What a wonderful man!! Truly likeable, friendly, sincere, and heartfelt. Of course, it helped when he reached out to shake my hand to say “And you must be the Lovely Doreen From Waukesha!” Definitely one mark in the Schmuki column.

Questions discussed by the candidates included Tabor, Health Care, Concealed carry, The Marriage amendment, and the death penalty. Each Candidate has their own view on each of the issues. There is a clear distinct difference between both candidates.

Overall Schmuki appeared personal and caring. I thought his presentation was pristene. My heart went out to Steve because he is a genuinely caring individual but he is on the wrong side of the issues.

Bill Kramer got better as the questions went on but he has got to lose the quotes and references. People do not care about that. Your Average Joe does not go/or did not go to Duke and know what Adam Smith said. I feel that he has this need to impress and show people how smart he is. Once he gets beyond that and his heart is in it, he actually sounds quite confident and sure. I also noticed that he has to fill all of the time when he is speaking. You do not have to use all of your time. It isn’t a filibuster. Say what you have to say and be done with it. The good news is there weren’t any “bee sting” comments.

In the end, Bill will win. Schmuki is too kind and caring to go negative on Bill which is what needs to happen if Schmuki wants to win this. It is also a turn out game, if the Republicans stay home, Bill wont win either. Mark Green wont win his Governor’s race, the Marriage Amendment doesn’t pass…..Yada Yada Yada

By the way Bill, if you hit on 8500 doors while out and about -you still have not hit on mine.

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