Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Children chased from park by cranky county executive


Milwaukee County workers are used to noise out on MacArthur Square, but they were shocked by what they heard on March 28th. “I was watching some kids play soccer when suddenly there was someone shouting at them from the top floor of the courthouse, something about his lawn,” said law librarian Eunice Howell. “I never heard aything like it.”

What she heard, confirmed by several in the courthouse, was Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele yelling at the children, “You kids, get off my lawn!”

Abele was unapologetic about his outburst. “Do you know how hard it is to play Word with Friends with all that racket right outside my window? It’s a wonder I can form any words with that noise.”

“I wanted to just launch a few bottle rockets at them but Zap [John Zapfel] told me the sheriff is just looking for an excuse to give me a ticket. That fascist.”

Abele opened the window to demonstrate the distracting noise of the children playing in the square. “Listen to them. Don’t they have homes? I told Sheriff Clarke to drive them away but he muttered something about it not being in the budget.”

View from Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele's window

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