Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Children playing with trains


Democratic Party of Wisconsin bumper sticker

When State Representative Robin Vos quite correctly criticized this bumper sticker for it’s sick representation of a train colliding with Governor Scott Walker’s head, Democratic flunky Graeme Zielinski demonstrated his maturity by calling Vos a partisan hack and said Vos’ claims were laughable.

Then the bumper sticker was switched, according to the Daily Reporter. Instead of the train crashing into Walker’s head, the train came out of Walker’s head.

Now the bumper sticker has disappeared completely from the Democratic Party’s website.

I’m sure wiser and more mature folks at the DPW decided to end the bumper sticker childishness, just as I’m sure Zielinski will issue an apology to both Governor Scott Walker and State Representative Robin Vos.

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