Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Chili cook-off update


Congratulations to my sister-in-law Pauline Wigderson for winning 1st place in the vegetarian chili category at the 3rd Annual Village of Wales Municipal Chili Cook-Off. It was the favorite of our table as well.

My brother, Erik Wigderson, finished in 2nd place in the hot category, with a chili that had an interesting twist. His chili had bits of mango in it, giving the chili a sweet flavor followed by a strong spicy kick. It definitely made you feel just a bit of sweat on the scalp while you ate it.

Continuing the strong performance by the village of Wales contingent, Clerk Gail Tamez won in the mild category.

(I’ll post the rest of the winners when the list becomes available.)

Mr. & Mrs. Too Kool joined the lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I to sample the chili and share their opinions. Always good to see them and get the inside scoop on downtown happenings.

Most importantly, the event collected at least six barrels of food for local food pantries, and raised some money for the cause, too.

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