Monday, November 20th, 2017

Citizen Bucher


Two nice articles worth noting from Saturday’s newspapers on Paul Bucher’s tenure as Waukesha County District Attorney. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Bucher recalled the meeting on an afternoon more than 18 years after it happened, on one of his last days on the job, as he sat in his courthouse office surrounded by boxes he’d stuffed while cleaning out his desk, file cabinets and shelves.

“It’s been a great ride,” he said. “I know it will be emotional when I walk out of here for the last time.

“But I’m ready for this. I want the next chapter of my life to begin.”

But who knows him better than Mrs. Bucher, who writes in the Waukesha Freeman,

If he had been McCann, they would have written flattering narratives about the courageous prosecutor seeking justice against a celebrity from his own political party by taking on a tough and potentially politically lethal case. Instead, they said he was doing it for political gain. They would have shredded him if he didn’t charge him too. But, really, none of that factored into his decision.

After Paul charged Chmura, my brother remarked: “Is Paul nuts? Charging a Packer in Wisconsin is like indicting the Pope in Rome.”

Paul believed the case belonged in front of a jury, win or lose.

He was that kind of a prosecutor.

Of course, he’s not really retired. Heck, Matt Thomas already has Paul Bucher’s next career picked out.

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