Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

City moves ahead with water application 13-1


Only Alderman Payne voted against and that’s because he wanted more public meetings to get the public involved. Prior to the meeting, only 13 people spoke to the water issue directly and it was 8-5 in favor of going forward with the application. One resident actually wanted to build two pipelines so Milwaukee would have to compete with another community on the rates.

During the question and answer period with staff, Scrima asked a series of questions that were all answered by Water Utility Manager Dan Duchniak. None of the information was new, although Scrima seemed to have trouble understanding how Milwaukee’s requested water rate increase was included in the figures (Milwaukee had to notify the Public Service Commission months earlier).

Mayor Jeff Scrima was given a chance to speak at the end of the meeting. Scrima attempted to speak earlier but was cut off by the city attorney who patiently explained Scrima would have to wait until all of the aldermen spoke and then yield the chair.

When all of the aldermen finished speaking, Scrima again began to speak on the issue. After having it explained to him a second time that he would have to leave the chair in order to speak on the motion to approve, he announced, “That’s too complicated.”

When I confronted him after the meeting explaining that there was his chance to explain all of his objections to pursuing Lake Michigan water, he said he had nothing more to say at the meeting and that he would speak to the media and to individual constituents.

One compromise on the letter to the Department of natural Resources was made. In addition to Dan Duchniak, the letter asks that correspondence from the DNR is also sent to Scrima.

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