Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Clark House


State Representative Fred Clark (D) who is taking on State Senator Luther Olsen in Tuesday’s recall election appears to have a residence in some shady acreage:

Wisconsin Reporter has uncovered Clark transferred ownership of his Baraboo home to a “Heavenly Hills LLC” on or around April 15 for $320,000. But according to property tax assessments, the residence was valued between $166,000 to $217,000.

That’s quite an impressive haul for a struggling housing market.

The transfer of ownership of Clark’s Baraboo home came roughly one-month after Clark was ordered by a court to pay $200 more a month in child support, increasing his payment to $650. The order came as result of Clark earning a higher salary in as a state legislator.

The registered agent of the limited liability company – for which there is no website – is Jeffrey Butwinick, a St. Paul, Minn.-based bankruptcy lawyer and non-resident of Wisconsin. According to records from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Information, Heavenly Hills LLC was incorporated on April 5, just 10 days before ownership of Clark’s Baraboo area home was transferred to the company.

Even more interesting is that Butwinick filed the LLC’s registrant office as 258 Troon Court in the border town of Hudson.

According to property records, the Hudson address doesn’t belong to Butwinick, but is the private residence owned by Gloria M. Wahrenbrock, who until recently was a supervisor for the Town of Troy in St. Croix County.  According to records from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Wahrenbrock has never given campaign contributions to Fred Clark or, in fact, any Wisconsin Democrat. Past campaign donations from Wahrenbrock have been to either state Sen. Shelia Harsdorf, R-River Falls, or former Lt. Gov. Margaret Farrow, a Republican.

When reached for comment by Wisconsin Reporter, Wahrenbrock said she had never heard of either Heavenly Hills or Butwinick, and to the best of her knowledge she said she was unaware of any business operating out of her property. She said she believed it was possible when Heavenly Hills filed with the Department of Financial Information in April they used her property as its address because in the past she had done business from the residence.

Michael J. Klinker, a corporate lawyer at the Milwaukee law firm Whyte Hirshboeck Dudek S.C, said that in incorporation filings, attorneys are often used as registered agents.

“Attorneys as registered agents aren’t that uncommon,” said Klinker. “Often, they are used in cases were confidentiality is preferred. However, if someone is squatting on another address as it may appear here, that is highly unusual.”

Who arranged this deal and what is Heavenly Hills, LLC? Why are they using a false address?

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