Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Comings, goings, what-nots


Goodbye to our friend Patrick and the bloggers at Badger Blogger. Nine years is a long time to blog and Patrick should be proud of the work he did over there.

Hello again to our friend Steve at No Runny Eggs who slipped back into blogging when my back was turned.

Congratulations tonight to Jessie Rodriguez who won the Republican Primary for the 21st Assembly District. Besides being the wife of blogger/columnist Aaron Rodriguez, Jessie is a school choice leader in the Hispanic Community. One step closer to victory tonight.

I will be at the Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Conference this Saturday in the morning. (Which reminds me, I think I’m supposed to tell someone I’m coming.) So if you see me and you like what I write for the Waukesha Freeman, the MacIver Institute, or for RightWisconsin, please feel free to say hello. On the other hand, if I’ve ticked you off recently just send a letter to the editor.

And finally, I was a little too wrapped up in a personal matter that I missed commenting on the decline of Patch in Southeastern Wisconsin. Let me just say I’m glad to see Mark Maley land on his feet, and good luck to him in his new career. Good luck to Sarah Millard, the Waukesha editor, who is finishing school. I’m sorry to see Patch go and not just because of the free pens. Local government can always use more coverage and it’s actually getting less and less.

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