Monday, November 20th, 2017

Commander Zero


JB Van Hollen is trying to get more money from the state legislature, $2.2 million to fight sexual predators.

“Make no mistake,” Van Hollen wrote, “those enticing Wisconsin’s children in chat rooms and those offering to distribute images of sexual assault are sex predators. With good reason, the Legislature has made a significant commitment to monitoring convicted sex predators after they are released from custody. I believe it is time for the Legislature and the Governor to make an equally significant commitment to investigating sex predators that are not in the corrections system, taking them off the street before they can do more harm to Wisconsin’s children.”

Very few will disagree with the idea of getting these sexual predators off the streets. And I’m sure channel 4 WTMJ TV would love to have more footage of guys getting trapped in internet predator stings. But “Zero-based” budgeter JB Van Hollen, who said it is not the “conservative thing to do” to keep spending money, has so far proposed over 14% in budget increases.

Who does he think he is, a road builder?

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