Monday, November 20th, 2017

Cool, level-headed liberal commentary


Remember the good old days when the New Republic was considered to be the most “reasonable”of the left-of-center publications? Those NPR-tones of days gone by seem so quaint now. Jonathan Chait of TNR takes the gloves off.

The last time The New Republic won a National Magazine Award, it was for publishing Betsy McCaughey’s infamous anti-Clintoncare screed “No Exit,” which is probably the worst article in the history of TNR. It’s as if the last American to win the Nobel Peace Prize was Timothy McVeigh.

(Ht: Romenesko) I’m sure McCaughey is thrilled to have her reputation trashed that way by the current editor of the magazine where the article was published. Chait really knows how to make writers with different ideas feel welcome at the magazine.

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