Monday, May 20th, 2019



In his now-infamous op-ed in the Waukesha Freeman, former Judge Richard Congdon alleged I misquoted him in one of my columns but did not say how. Because I am concerned with being accurate, I followed up with Congdon to find out how he thought he was misquoted.

Congdon wrote me back, “I never said that we backed off of ‘branding’ because it was too expensive. I said we backed off of the banners for that reason. Although we had some discussions about ‘rebranding’ early on, we realized that’s a community decision and not within the province of our small group.”

The banners Congdon refers to are the proposed “GuitarTown banners” that were looked into by BID Executive Director Meghan Sprager, and would have been part of the re-branding (according to emails I uncovered in my open records search).

Which is completely different from the Vinnie Barbarino-like answer Mayor Jeff Scrima gave Alderman Kathleen Cummings.

By the way, I’m still allergic to shrimp.

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