Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Couldn’t Burke steal an education plan, too?


Over at the MacIver Institute, I lament the lack of an education plan from Mary Burke even though the NEA’s Lily Eskelsen García promised us one.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, García said, “Burke is getting ready to release her K-12 education platform, and she wanted to talk with real teachers and other educators — who are actually in the classroom with students — to find out how best to improve education.”

Unfortunately, Burke’s campaign spokesman Joe Zepecki contradicted that statement saying no education plan was imminent. Apparently she is not even going to offer a cut-and-paste plan.

That’s too bad considering Burke’s sole elective office is as a member of the school board for the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD). If she’s going to make the leap all the way to the governor’s mansion from the school board, it’s important to hear her thoughts on education – or at least the thoughts she plans to “borrow” from other people.

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