Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Dad29 endorses referendum, Kilkenny says no


Conservative blogger Dad29 is endorsing the upcoming Elmbrook school referendum for $62 million. The referendum has also been endorsed by Brookfield’s mayor and much of the city council.

The current question is a much different one. The Administration found a group of “no”-voters, who gave up an enormous amount of their personal and professional time to review the project from the bottom up–in essence, a “zero-based” budget review for the project.

After a lot of sensible recommendations were made and accepted, the reduced request was put on the ballot. In fact, what’s proposed is necessary.

Former alderman and mayoral candidate Cindy Kilkenny* is opposed to the referendum, and is taking it personally.

I laughed out loud when I heard Belling call Brookfield a “fairly conservative” community. I also got a kick out of him asking if even one other prominent Brookfield resident opposed the referendum. Um, that would be me. You remember; the Mayor trashed me with a bunch of lies two years ago so he could be vested in the state’s pension plan. I did get 3,800 votes or so.

(*South Park Brookfield: “Oh my God, they kilkenny!” Sorry.)

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