Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Dan Bice falls asleep during public policy discussion


Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging interviewed Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and we learn that Bice falls asleep during public policy discussions, wanted to report that a lobbyist ended up in an interesting rolodex but the editors stopped him, and will never, ever be a good film critic.

Rushmore? Seriously?

Bice can now expect every tip sent to him to begin, “This is an A tip, Dan!” We can also tease him that when he writes salacious gossip about the grade he must have assigned it. “Gee, Dan, was that candidate’s affair an A tip or a B tip?”

But I think we also learned something about Bice’s news judgment and where it was formed. When he was asked about his favorite movie, Bice said he did not have one because of his strict religious upbringing prevented him from seeing many movies. That strict religious upbringing may be still carrying over into his work, whether consciously or unconsciously. Instead of seeing Bice as the Sid Hudgens of political reporting, Bice is actually the Reverend Dimmesdale, placing scarlet letters on public figures for their perceived sins.

A adultery, B bankruptcy, C campaign contributions, D divorce, H hypocrisy…

The news is not that Bice was prevented by his editors from writing two stories about public figures, but his focus on their private lives that caused the editors pause.

But Brian, Fletch? And no mention of His Girl Friday?

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