Monday, May 20th, 2019

Danger. Ann Coulter approaching


Well, it ought to be interesting. RightWisconsin is launching a series of public speakers at the Riverside Theater, and the first speaker is Ann Coulter. As the announcement from Charlie Sykes in my email in-box explains,

We’re launching the RightWisconsin Author Series at the Riverside Theater. We intend to host provocative and insightful conservative authors, and will give RightWisconsin members the first shot at tickets. More details will be announced in the days ahead, but I’m pleased to announce our first speaker will be best selling author Ann Coulter.

Okay, obviously I would prefer a different speaker to launch the series. I think Sean Hackbarth had the best description of Coulter in 2007,

Ann Coulter used to serve the movement well. She was telegenic, intelligent, and witty. She was also fearless: saying provocative things to inspire deeper thought and cutting through the haze of competing information has its uses. But Coulter’s fearlessness has become an addiction to shock value. She draws attention to herself, rather than placing the spotlight on conservative ideas.

The one thing you can say about Coulter, if you want to see someone make attention-seeking, obnoxious and offensive remarks, she rarely disappoints. I’m expecting a large audience for her. I plan on being there myself to see her speak and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say afterwards. I’m sure on the webpages of RightWisconsin we’re going to have a lively debate between now and October over whether Ann Coulter is really a just a conservative caricature, a right-wing Howard Stern in drag.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing the list of other speakers coming to Milwaukee. I think the series will give us all a chance to actually explore some ideas somewhat distant from the campaign trail. And for those of you who haven’t subscribed yet to RightWisconsin, the RightWisconsin Author Series is another good reason to do so. Subscribers get a jump on the tickets.

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