Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Danger, legislature at work


With the state legislature is meeting today for the final scheduled time this term (other than some mop up in May), I added two feeds to the side bar to help readers keep track of what’s going on: The MacIver Institute Twitter feed and the WisPolitics.com Quorum Call feed.

Speaking of the MacIver Institute, Brian Fraley has a warning about getting too excited about what isn’t scheduled to pass today.

What’s of primary concern to our readers/viewers/followers/friends/fans today?

  1. The Global Warming Bill
  2. The Elections Fraud Facilitation Act
  3. The Madison Educational Bureaucracy Empowerment Plan
  4. The establishment of non-elected Regional Taxing Authorities for transit

As of this writing, all four of these proposals are on life support. But they are not dead yet.

As my colleague Brett Healy pointed out in his instant classic on the Silly Season, anything can happen in the waning days (and especially hours) of a legislative session.  Most of the action takes place behind the scenes and it will be weeks, if ever, before the citizenry of Wisconsin know exactly what deals were cut and why they were made.

The horse trading, deal making, ego stroking and amendment drafting could be fierce today.

Supporters of each of those aforementioned bills will be pursuing every plausible and many improbable avenues to get their ideas passed by both houses today. While it is possible that all four proposals could stall and die today, it’s also possible that all four could be in the mix with other pieces of legislation (like the wage lien bill) and that Democratic leaders could strike a massive deal behind the scenes at any point in the next few hours.

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